Space Design

By AVA Homes | October 19, 2022

Room design is basically not an intricate task. However, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do it aesthetically pleasing. Everything must be right. The type of flooring, the wall color and type, the ceiling, and the doors. The fireplace and the windows. What to choose. Wallpaper or paint. Brick fireplace or tiles.…

Not so new trends in kitchen remodeling

By AVA Homes | September 18, 2022

House remodeling in general and kitchen remodeling in particular go through trends. Today’s trends have been around for a few years. Today’s kitchen remodeling designs include a mixture of whites and greys with maybe a contrasting bright color thrown in. The styles are mainly contemporary. This trend looks cool and clean. We at Ava Homes…

Small Bathroom Design With Marble Walls

Small Bathroom Design

By AVA Homes | September 14, 2022

When we talk about a small bathroom, it depends on what we mean by small. It’s all relative.  But, for the sake of argument, let’s say any bathroom smaller than 8’ X 14’ is considered a small bathroom.  Of course, an area smaller than 3.5’ X 7’ may not be feasible for even a 3/4…

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